Instructions for listing a property

First you must become a WHOA Listing Agent by purchasing either a monthly or annual membership to list a property.

Now that you are a listing agent on the website, the next step is to locate the Listing tab in the main menu. Hover your cursor over the menu item Listing and allow the options to dropdown. Now move your cursor down the list until you reach the option My Listings and hover until you see another list of options and click on submit a listing. 

  • Choose a title that you feel fits a small description of the property (i.e. County Home, Suburban Oasis), then fill out the form with all of your property features and what stage the property is in (i.e. Land Banking Stage, Land Packaging Stage, Land Development Stage, Building Development Stage, Operating Stage Stage, Renovation Stage, Redevelopment Stage)

One of the features we offer is the ability to show listings on the map. Located above the GPS map on the form, there is a box that will help the map locate the property and place the pin on the correct address by putting in an address and pressing find. A small figure located on the map’s right-hand side can be dragged onto the map offering a street view as if you were standing on the street.

Model homes and Showcase properties can schedule times for people to come and view the home or property. This feature can help with any offerings you may have, including selling a home or an ECO.

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