Becoming an Affiliate

The first step is to get to the website’s affiliates area head to the home page. 

Once you’ve reached the home page, locate the menu at the top one the screen. Now move your cursor to hover over the Credible You Marketplace option; once it has dropped down, you’ll want to select the Affiliate Area.

This page is where you will register your account and become an affiliate. Fill out the fields with the required information requested above each box.

At the bottom, you’ll notice that there is an option to choose a crypto payment. Input your wallet address to accept commissions via cryptocurrency 

Now agree to the terms of use and privacy policy and click the Register button.

The first thing you’ll want to do to ensure Payments is registering your payouts account. Locate the affiliates menu items listed across the screen and click on the Settings option

Now inside the settings area, you’ll need to fill out the fields for the payouts registration form. Choose an account type, the country you live in, your first and last name, your email, and your birthday, then agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Then click on the register for payouts service button. 

Now that you’ve registered as an affiliate and added both your banking information and a cryptocurrency wallet address, you can use your referral link located in the Affiliate URL’s section. Using this link, you can direct your members and Founder Developers to the website. Once they’ve registered an account by following that link, it will connect them directly to your referrals section. At that point, you are eligible for any commissions they generate, which will show in the Founder Developers Earnings & Commissions section.

other features include:

  • Statistics: in this section, you can view how many referrals you have that created commissions and how many have not created any commissions. You also have a small overview of paid and unpaid commissions, which stats do cover on a broader scale. You have a summary of your conversion rate: the number of people who have gone through the process using your link vs. how many have not.
  • Graphs: The Graphs area is a color-coded graph that allows you to compare your Unpaid Referral Earnings, Pending Referral Earnings, Rejected Referral Earnings, and Paid Referral Earnings.
  • Referrals: This is where you can view all of your referrals that have completed the process for you to earn a commission.
  • Payouts: This is where you view complete, incomplete, and processing payouts and what stage of the process the payout has reached. 
  • Visits: This is where you view how many visits your link has generated. The informational chart shows where they directed to (URLs), what kind of connection was used (Referring URL), whether or not that view caused a conversion to occur (converted), and the date and time that someone clicked on your link. 
  • Settings: in the settings area, you can add or update your payment information. You can also update your payment email and choose whether or not you want to receive referral updates.
  • Order Details: This is where you can view orders that your referrals create and what kind of commissions are available from those.
  • Organization Chart: Your Network chart allows you to view your referrals as a tree chart with your name beginning at the top and your referrals organized below.
  • Stats: Your Network Statistics allows you to oversee the number of level 1 and level 2 affiliates you have. You can also oversee: Unpaid Referrals, Unpaid Earnings, Paid Referrals, and Paid Earnings. 
  • Founder Developer Earnings & Commissions: From this area, you can view Your Commission Rates and Your Earnings. When your referral purchases a Founder Developer license, a level 1 referral generates 20%, and level 2 generates 10%. 
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