Becoming A Founder Developer Vendor

The first step to becoming a Vendor is to head to the home page. Once you’ve reached the home page, locate the menu at the top of the screen, hover your cursor over the Credible You Marketplace, and allow the dropdown options to populate. Now move your cursor down the list until you reach the vendor dashboard and hover until the next set of menu options open. Click on the Real Pro Dashboard to open the Vendor application. You’ll notice seven parts to the application: Store, Payment, Branding, Shipping, Social, Policies, and SEO. You must include as much information as possible on the application to be accepted as a Vendor. 

Store: This is necessary information such as Store Name, Store description, Store website link, Store phone number, and the store’s address.

Payment: This is where you will add your banking information, such as Bank account name, Bank account number, Bank name, Bank routing number, Bank IBAN, and Bank BIC/SWIFT. (note: to complete the KYB process and allow you to take credit card or debit card payments on your store, you have to create a Stripe connect account, which is done through the vendor settings once your initial application is approved.) 

Branding: Once your application is approved and you become a Founder Developer Vendor, you can upload your store’s banner and icon to personalize the branding. 

Shipping: If your store offers products that must be shipped, you will need to include the pricing and any additional shipping-related cost or information here.

Social: If you market your store using any major social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Youtube, Pinterest, or Snapchat, you can add your username’s here.

Policies: This where you will need to include your store’s Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Shipping Policy, and Return Policy.

SEO: This is to help customers find your store; when searching online, you’ll need to include The SEO Title as it appears in search engines, your META description, and any META keywords, your Facebook title, and Facebook description as well as your Twitter title and Twitter description. 

Once you have submitted your application and been approved, you’ll notice in the Vendor Pro Dashboard menu located at the top of the page that it has already redirected you to the vendor settings. There is also an error message in a red box that states You need to Connect your Stripe account to add or edit products. Inside of settings, head to Payments and scroll down to the blue button that says Connect with Stripe, click on that and follow the instructions to create a stripe connect account. This is where you will go through the KYB process; (you’ll need to have your business information on hand) and register to allow customers to buy products from your store using credit cards, including purchasing tokens from your ECO through cryptocurrency products.

Now that you have become a Founder Developer Vendor and completed the Stripe connection and KYB, you can now begin adding products and taking in orders through your store.

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